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pat is gateway to grow your logistics business

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Single Rail Transfer Operator, the new transport solution for every business

Rail transport and logistics (SRTO) is a method of transferring passengers and goods on vehicles running on railways. It is a significant link on the logistics chain as well as facilitates international trading and creates economic growth in many countries.

Rail freight transport is a go-to transportation method in Thailand and many countries worldwide due to its punctuality, low cost, and high freight volume. This is no doubt an essential mean of transportation for business sector.

Single Rail Transfer Operator (SRTO) of Laem Chabang Port

The Single Rail Transfer Operator of Laem Chabang Port locates in Thung Sukhla, Sriracha District, Chonburi. The project covers approximately 600 rai between berth B and C with the container yard space of 28,000 TEU. The main infrastructure consists of 6 railways with the length of 1,224-1,434 meters each. An individual railway can accommodate 4 trains at the same time and 8 trains in total. The project is connected to the Double Track Railway Project under State Railway of Thailand. The distance between Laem Chabang train station to the SROT is approximately 4.3 kilometers. Moreover, the SRTO is equipped with special side lifters that allow for the loading/unloading of 6 railways concurrently.

The Single Rail Transfer Operator will operate 24 hours per day in response to ‘Shift Mode Policy’ of the government. This new solution will save time, mitigate traffic congestion, and reduce pollution for the rail freight transport from Laem Chabang Port to Lat Krabang ICD and major freight train stations across the country.


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