pat is gateway to grow your logistics business

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pat is gateway to grow your logistics business

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5G technology is becoming more prominent and will transform transportation and logistics industries.

5G technology is becoming more prominent and will transform transportation and logistics industries. As the best wireless connection technology, 5G technology has a stability that can prevent data loss and record real time data. Fast data transfer also helps with goods and container tracking. Apart from its connection, the technology also provides new solutions like accurate location tracker. These capabilities allow 5G technology to complement and enhance transportation and logistics industries on global scale.

5G technology on transportation and logistics trends                                      After Thailand adopted 5G technology as a driving force, it began to play a part in almost every industry – including transportation and logistics. High-speed 5G data enables more coverage which makes goods and service delivery easier. It also strengthens the trust towards service providers by enabling package tracking and meeting the needs of E-commerce system users. In the past few years, 5G technology not only complement but can also fix the loophole in transportation and logistics workflow. The benefits 5G technology has on transportation and logistics are as following.

  1. Optimizing supply chain management in transportation and logistics system

Transportation and logistics industries have enormous supply chains covering the making of goods and service to delivering them to customers. Therefore, the flow of these chains is crucial as one damaged link can the effect the whole chain. 5G makes it easier to monitor the flow in a supply chain and track goods on real-time basis. It also provides more coverage over domestic and international ground. Nowadays, it is impossible for most service providers to monitor or see the overview of an entire supply chain. 5G, however, can enable Internet of Things (IoT) which will address such issues. Both service providers and customers will no longer worry about lost or damaged goods in transit as 5G allows real-time tracking on vehicles and package status. In the future, people might even feel more comfortable to ship items with higher value.

2. Raising the usage of VR and AR for simulations to provide better warehouse management and transportations

VR technology which creates an alternate world and AR technology that produces a virtual object will be essential to transportation and logistics industries. They can simplify moving and finding goods. Moreover, they can provide transportation simulations that prep warehouse staff to mitigate damage risks on customers’ packages or goods.

3. Package tracking and transportation planning

5G technology will enable clients to track goods shipment more effectively. It can also optimize transportation planning which will eventually reduce transportation cost and time, as well as increase opportunities for the transportation of goods with bigger volume, larger size, and higher price.

4. Implementing unmanned vehicles for transportation

Integrating 5G technology with unmanned vehicles can reduce manual labor and enhance management efficiency. This will also have a great cost-saving benefit. Transportation and logistics providers around the world are keeping a close eye on unmanned vehicle technologies and ready to implement them on works around ports.


As 5G technology changes customer behavior, PAT is ready to provide enhanced services such as e-Tariff estimation, document submission, credit sales, e-Container Service, and One Stop e-Port Service. You can download e-document for these services on PAT is committed to bring every port under our supervision to world-leading standards with excellency in logistics. We want to grow sustainably while maintaining our core competencies. PAT will continue to strive by supporting new technologies, prioritizing quality in our services and meeting international standards.

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